Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year! We traveled to Galveston early Thursday morning and spent the day with Nana, great-grandpa and all the cousins, aunts and uncles. Lots of great food to eat...fried Cajun Turkey, baked Turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, salad, carrot cake, chocolate pecan pie, cheese cake etc etc............I ate myself silly. It was great to see all the family and catch up with everyone.

We spent the night at a hotel overlooking the Gulf, and took the kids to the beach that evening. First we went out on the jetty and watched the surfers. The waves were GREAT, and it was hard to just watch. But, surfing and pregnancy do not go together at all! Besides, I don't think my wet suit would fit over my belly very well anymore!! I got some great pics of the kids watching the surfers!

Then we took them to run on the sand. They ran down the beach and back, and then they wanted their shoes off, so we rolled up their pants and off they went into the water. After wading around for a bit, off came their pants, and they waded out and jumped around. Next thing we knew, they were swimming! It was so chilly, but they had a wonderful time!! We stayed until the sun set, and then dragged them out of the water and walked our shaking, blue children to the hotel room and got them in a warm bathtub! Then it was off to visit some friends of ours at their house. They have a gorgeously cute little grandson who is 1 day older than Quinn, and the kids had a ball playing with him! It was really nice to see our friends and catch up with them again.

Friday morning we got up super early and ate breakfast at our favorite old haunt, El Nopolitas. Bill and the kids had huge breakfast burritos, and I had a plate huevos con papas with bacon and salsa!! Mmmmmm. Then it was off for a ride on the ferry and a fun morning of shopping on the Strand! We took the kids to the Candy Factory and they had gummy alligators the size of my forearm, and rootbeer. I had a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory....mmmmmm.

We then went to visit the relatives, and by 4pm we were on the road back home. All in all, a really great time had by all.

Amelia is a girl in motion. No problem feeling her kicks now! Sunday night she kept me up most of the night, as did some gall bladder pain. I was hoping to avoid the gall bladder stuff this pregnancy, but it hit about a week ago, and I really have to watch what I eat or it flares up very badly. I have slept much better the last 2 nights, thank goodness!!

Bill got some more much needed work done on the house this past weekend!! He put polyurethane up on the long leaf pine walls in the den and dining room and put up the crown molding!! So the den is officially complete!!! All we have left to do in the dining room is to paint the trim!! I am hoping we get it done before Christmas! We still have so much to do, but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am now 23 weeks pregnant, with about 15 weeks remaining in this pregnancy. I am so anxious for March to get here so I can meet this little girl. I have always dreamed about what a little girl would look like if we had it is becoming a reality. We still must get through winter and the first weeks of Spring!!

Until then, she continues to grow, dazzle me with her kicks, and keep me in suspense!!


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