Sunday, November 02, 2003

Halloween was a blast! My boys dressed up as Ninja's, and were so excited. We had a party after school for all the kids at a friends house....the kids ate mummy wrapped sausage, pinwheels, witches brew, homemade candy apples and an assortment of other treats. Most of my friends have 3 or more kiddos, so there were about 23 kids running around in costume! We took a great group photo that I will download to our family photo page in the links section.

After much eating, running and playing, it was time for a hay ride and Trick-or-Treating! Everyone loaded up onto a huge flatbed filled with bales of hay and soft blankets, and off they went. I opted out of bouncing around in a trailer for several hours, so I went on home to hand out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters.

When the kids got home, they had LOADS of candy and stories to tell. They added a few kids on the journey, so the grand total for the hay ride was something like 26 kids and 8 adults. They sang songs at the nursing home, and their last stop landed them at a haunted house. They had a ton of fun. Quinn came in the door and said "I am NOT afraid of monsters. I am brave!"

All seems well with baby so far. I am feeling lots of movement...mostly in the evening. Morning sickness is still clinging on by a thread. I got sick yesterday morning, but felt pretty good the rest of the day. If I avoid sweets (which I did not on Halloween), then I am fine. I started walking in the morning and seem to have my second wind! What a relief! I remember with my 3rd son, morning sickness let up at 18wks 5days, so I am right on schedule!!

Only 2wks, 2days until the big ultra-sound. But who's counting?


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