Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Had my routine OB appointment today, and all is well! I am 18 weeks at the end of today, and I am measuring 19 weeks, which is perfect! The babies HR was 145-150. We talked about the delivery dilemma, and Tim reassured me that all would work out and not to worry. What, ME worry???????????????????????????????

He also scheduled my ultrasound with a perinatologist for November 18th.........3 weeks from today.....................I have made it 18 weeks, so what's three more????????...........tic tock, more clock watching. Talk about watching a boiling pot...............

Sunday at church I had a real treat. I had not felt much movement at all since last Tuesday, and was starting to worry (who, me???). I was sitting listening to the sermon, when I felt a little kick. I looked down and smoothed out my shirt and watched................and there it was!!!! I saw the kicks! It was so awesome. I wanted to get Bill's attention and show him, but didn't want to move and spoil the moment. So, over the next few minutes, I watched my baby kick and squirm and cherished the moment.

We had Cub Scout meeting last night.........and a church council meeting for Bill. This meant pregnant Jody, a 9yo Bobcat, a 6yo and 3yo, and a neighbors kid piled into my van for a night of scouting fun. 20 minutes before the meeting, I got the call from the neighbor to ask if her son could ride with us. She said she would bring his pumpkin later...........................Whoa Nelly, WHAT pumpkin???????? I was instructed by Scout Master Dad to bring a bag of popped popcorn and the popcorn sale form and the little scout. "Oh, yes, they are to bring a CARVED pumpkin.....oh, and a rock collection too." Finding a pumpkin in our little town, population 2074, at 6:00pm would be like heading out to find a loaf of ciabatta bread and some pine nut pesto in Mayberry.......we have one grocery store(they still sell coke in the bottle and deliver your grocieries to your house), and a Shamrock station(that sells beer on tap and has a beer garden out back). Needless to say, we opted out on the pumpkin. Cory wandered out to the end of the driveway to find some rocks for his collection! LOL!!!!

Scout meeting was a writhing mass of boys screaming and having a blast. I stayed for the obligatory opening ceremony, then took off for home to bath the little ones, get them in their jammies, and head back out to the scout hut to pick up Cory. It was the fall festival pack meeting, so there were more kids than I cared to count. When I got there, they were all outside playing chase, and the parents were standing around with stressed-out faces. One turned to me and said "we need a bigger scout hut".

We do too, so restoration plans are underway for the great "make-a-bedroom-out-of-the-study" winter construction party! Wish us luck!


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