Thursday, October 09, 2003

Things are very quiet here the last couple of days. The nausea is still in full force, with some vomiting yesterday, and the bone-tired feeling is here every afternoon/evening. I am hovering at a 1.5lb weight gain above my pre-pregnancy weight. I had lost 5.5lbs in the first trimester, and I gained it all back, plus the 1.5lbs, so I think things look good there. I would imagine the gain will pick up as the m/s subsides.

On the way out the door for school this morning, the boys called us outside frantically to see the "big, huge, spider". We had some rain, and there was a small tarantula on the steps. We watched it scrurry across the walk and into some bushes. Cory wanted to step on it, and Bill and I explained that the spider was good for the garden, and ate the "bad bugs". Hopefully it will be smart and remain hidden!!

As for cravings, they are sort of stifled right now with the m/s, but chips and tomatillo salsa really hit the spot at 9:30 a.m.! ;*)


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