Monday, October 13, 2003

Whew! Very tired here, but very happy! On Thursday afternoon I took off to serve on a Via de Cristo weekend. This is a really special spiritual retreat that lasts from Thursday evening to Sunday evening. It was so awesome!
Lots of food to eat, lots of singing, worship and fellowship. It is such a joy to serve on a team. I went on my "Walk" in Fall of 1998, and have been serving on teams ever since. It is so rewarding. Beyond words.

One really cool thing that is coming out of this weekend is that one of the Pastors, myself and a musician are going to work on a service that will address the loss of an unborn or stillborn child. I am really excited about this, as so many have lost their babies to miscarriage, and are suffering in silence. We had talked about this last year after my first miscarriage, but I never followed up on it due to the concurrent losses that happened right after. So, it is time to get moving on it and walk the walk!

I was really happy that this weekend the morning sickness was tolerable. I did not throw up once, which even surprised my husband, as well as myself. I ate eggs with salsa each morning, and we ate fairly early.......maybe I need to eat more protein in the a.m.? Or, maybe my morning sickness lifted so that I could participate in the weekend. Not sure, but it is back in rare form today, right on schedule. I threw up and am having a hard time getting food down, and keeping it there!

I weighed myself this morning, thinking that after eating so much food this weekend I would have gained. (one weekend is called "The Walk to Emmaus", and we on team call it lovingly "The Walk to Enormous") But, I am still the same weight as on Thursday. Hmm. Counting the weight that I lost and regained, I have gained a total of 7lbs, with 5.5 of it being regain. I see Tim again in 2 weeks, so we will see where I am at that point.

It was soooo good to see Bill and the kids again after 3 full days apart. I got lots of hugs and kisses, and an ear full about what they did with Dad all weekend. I am amazed at what a good father Bill is. The kids were all in one piece, the house was immaculate, laundry basket empty, and he even worked on the dining room restoration. They went to the park and rode bikes, jumped on rocks at the little creek there, and even made it to Walmart to get Cody his first watch! (we had promised him that as soon as he could recognize all of the alphabet, and could recognize his sight words, we would get him a little watch. He is so proud of it!).

This is a song that we sing A TON on Emmaus, Via de Cristo, or Cursillos weekends. Here is a site that tells a bit about the song.

There are a ton of verses, these are my favorites:


De colores,
De colores we witness the sun-up
On clear and bright mornings.

De colores,
De colores the sun gives its treasures
God's light to God's children.

De colores,
De colores the diamond with sparkle
When brought to the Light.

De colores, and so must all love be
Of every bright color
To make my heart cry (repeat)

Joyfully we live in God's friendship
Because God has willed it.

Faithfully, we will slake the great thirsting
Of Christ the Immortal.

Joyfully we will bring to our Saviour
A harvest of souls.

Pouring outward the light from within
The grace of our God
His infinite life. (repeat)

De Colores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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