Wednesday, October 22, 2003

One more birthday to go this weekend. My oldest is turning 9!! Am I REALLY the mother of a 9yo??? Yikes!!! How time flies.

Goodbye all day sickness!!! It seems for the last 2 days, I have been feeling really good. I did throw up on Monday morning, but after that I was much better. I started eating scrambled eggs and salsa for breakfast, which has helped sooo much!!

Since Monday, I have been feeling consistent, definite baby movement! I can feel kicks most of the day, and it is for sure baby and not gas! This is such a relief and a big milestone for me. I even feel that rolling "whoa" kind of movement! LOL! I can't put to words the joy I feel!

Maternity clothes are a must now, and my belly is really sticking out there. I am very obviously pregnant now. With the let-up of morning sickness, baby movement and a nice round belly, I am really enjoying this pregnancy now. Even though this is my 4th successful pregnancy, it feels like my first in a number of ways. I have that total and absolute awe with every little thing. If the miscarriages taught me one thing, it is to enjoy each day of pregnancy as it comes, and I am doing that with zeal!! It is so wonderful to be pregnant and it is a feeling that I want to experience to the hilt.

My next doc appointment is next Tuesday at 18 weeks, and we will schedule the US then. Since my youngest has club foot, they want to check this baby for it and for neural tube defect, which is common in club foot children.

Another biggie that I found out today is that my insurance will not cover a c-section unless I have a failed trial of labor and it is an emergency. So that means if we opt for a c-section given my history and the fact that I will birth in a small rural hospital, we will have to pay out-of-pocket almost $10,000. Hmm. Interesting, because if I do a trial of labor, and it fails because of uterine rupture, they will have to pay for labor, a c-section and any emergency blood transfusions or procedures to save mine and the babies life. So, double that $$$. And we wonder why insurance premiums are so high. Risk taking is their game. Too bad it is my life they are gambling with. Sheesh!! My doc has to write them a letter of pre-determination to be reviewed with my medical history. But I would imagine it will fall on deaf ears. So, it looks like scary labor, here we come!!

Time for more laundry. It is like a huge pile that I never find the bottom of! Thank God we have wonderful kids making all those dirty clothes, yes, if you look at it like that, laundry is a blessing!!!


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