Thursday, November 06, 2003

Urgh! The flu hit me on Tuesday. I think it had been coming on since last week. I had one day of chills and a feverish feeling, with a scratchy throat, then 3 days of a constant headache, then Tuesday morning the vomiting and diarrhea hit. By 2p.m. I was down for the count with muscle aches and major weakness. Today is the first day that I feel somewhat normal. I am still a tad weak, but all in all feeling soooooooooooo much better.

I got myself a bit dehydrated and yesterday had a ton of BH contractions. Some of them quite uncomfortable. I started chugging ice water all evening and through the night, and they are gone today. Whew!! Major relief. I lost 3 pounds, but I am sure that will come back on quickly! :*)

So far the rest of the house has not come down with it......I would imagine that is just a matter of time.

I have been feeling lots of baby movement, so I am relieved about this. It is so great to have that confirmation that all seems well.

US in only 1 week and 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!


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