Friday, December 19, 2003

I can't believe how fast Christmas came up on us!! I am so thankful that I started getting all my shopping etc done early this year! I have never been pregnant during Christmas before, so the exhaustion is surprising to me. Not much energy for all the parties and running around!!

Bill had his office Christmas party last night, and it was fun. I wore a glittery maternity dress and heels, which was hilarious, given that I never wear them when NOT pregnant. Talk about feeling off kilter!! I pooped out around 9pm and went on home, and he stayed for a bit longer. Since we live across the street from where the party was held, he just walked home around 10pm. We laughed about what party poopers we are now!

The kids are enjoying all the holiday activities. We had Santa in the park, several little parties, and all the end of school festivities. I love all the holiday crafts that they bring home from school to hang in various places around the house. It makes the house feel so alive! They get out early today, and don't go back until after new the Year! They are looking forward to the weekend, as their Grandma, my mother, is coming to spend 9 days with us! We have plans to make Christmas cookie cutouts, a ginger bread house and just have some down time at home together as a family!

Amelia seems to be doing great. I feel lots of movement, and can even feel her little rear and sometimes her head when I massage my belly! Too cute. She is still flipping around frequently...sometimes she is transverse, sometimes breech. Sometimes I have a foot stretching up into my right rib cage that is soooo uncomfortable!! When she gets the hiccups, as many times as I have felt them, it still make me smile!

As for me physically, all seems to be going really well. I have some occasional bouts of BH contractions, but they usually subside with fluids and rest. The usual backache and hip pain are a bit more intense this time, probably due to my age and this being my 4th successful pregnancy. I am packing on the pounds! Total to date is now steady at 15.5 lbs. Not too bad. I can anticipate about another 10 to be added on. Just stocking up for a healthy baby!!!

I am in my 26th week now, and nearing the end of my 2nd trimester. I will feel some relief to get to 28 weeks, but won't feel the worry leave completely until she is in my arms.

The night before last, Cody, age 6, climbed up in bed with me and grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair! He talked to me while he was doing it. He told me that he was glad that the baby was a girl, and couldn't wait for her to come out. Then he asked me "Mommy, why do babies die in your belly sometimes? What causes that to happen?" about being caught off guard. He is such a deep, sensitive little boy, and took the losses of the babies last year very hard. I told him that sometimes when the baby starts to grow, something goes wrong with the baby or mommy's body, and it is not able to grow any further. He asked if that could happen to Amelia. I told him I did not think so at this point. I explained that the other babies we lost, were very, very tiny, and Amelia is already big enough to feel outside my belly. He seemed content and said "I hope so."

From the mouths of babes.


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