Wednesday, December 10, 2003

All is well on the baby front! Had to do my glucose tolerance test today, and it went fine. It was a sweet breakfast, but after the final blood draw I went and got a bacon, egg and cheese croissant from the donut shop. Quinn got his first chocolate eclaire and loved it!!

My friend Donna had her baby on Monday! It is a healthy baby girl named Rebecca Leigh! She is adorable and it felt so good to hold her!! She was so soft and smelled of that wonderful new baby smell! Now I am on my own, as all of my friends have delivered their babies. I am next!!!

Talked with the contractor today, and we are scheduled to start all the work on the house the 3rd week in January!!! Yeah!! I am so anxious to get it done!!! I think once it starts, it will seem like time is flying by! Once it is complete, I can nest to my hearts content!

I did have some Braxton-Hicks contractions over the weekend that were a bit worrisome. They lasted most of Saturday and Sunday, then backed off on Monday. Not sure what triggered it. I drank tons of water and took it easy as a precaution. I think it was just a growth spurt and some stretching that got my uterus a bit irritable. Everything is fine now and Amelia is kicking away!

The boys will be out of school next Friday, and my mother will be here the next day. Christmas is coming on so quickly it seems! I did get most of my shopping done, so that is a relief! Now we can just enjoy the holidays! We will bake some Christmas cookies, go carroling, and such. I took the kids for a ride to see the Christmas lights on Saturday night. We stopped off and got root beer frosties, then drove around town. They enjoyed it and so did I! This is my favorite time of year!!


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