Saturday, October 04, 2003

Took a few days off from my journal. No time! The boys were out of school a 1/2 day on Friday, and the rest of the time I have been busy sewing and enjoying the outdoors!

On Thursday afternoon, I got 3 down pillows made, a pillow case, and I finished my quilt top! Whew. In between all that, I have been coughing my fool head off. Still the common cold, but it is drip, drip, drip, and that gives a tickle in my throat, which sends me into spasmodic coughing fits a couple times each day. Sort of forced Kegels! LOL! Today, I feel like the cold is on its way out, thank God!!

This morning I took off and went shopping. Got the fabric for my quilt back, so now I can finish it off! Then hit a couple of stores looking for some comfortable maternity jeans. Finally found them at JC Pennys. My belly is even filling in the stretch panel a bit! Also found a white button down and another nice top. So, now I have 3 pairs of long pants and a few long sleeved shirts. In addition to the maternity clothes I already have, that should be all I need to get me through the winter.

Other than the marathon sewing, I have been trying to relax at home. I have a big, white, wicker rocker filled with fluffy pillows on my back porch, and I loaded my little side table up with some good magazines, baby name books etc., and have been spending the afternoons there while Quinn plays in the yard. The weather has been so glorious and it has been nice to be outside. It is heating up a bit more today, which is really unfortunate since our AC went out. The repair man will be here Monday. Last night was nice and cool with all the windows open, and I am hoping for a repeat in coolness for tonight and tomorrow night. Where IS that other cool front?????

Bill had the boys playing outside all day, and when I called them in a bit ago, they were wonderfully in David Copperfield and chimney sweeping. I bathed them and scrubbed them down to the pink again! Quinn just now crawled in my lap and snuggled down against me. His hair is still damp and he smells like watermelon scented shampoo. There is nothing in the world like snuggling with your child. Absolutely nothing.


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