Monday, September 29, 2003

Got up this morning, and despite feeling really icky with a cold, decided to get out of the house. There is a huge antique sale in Warrington, Texas, this week, so a few friends and I loaded up and drove there to walk around and shop a bit.

I collect Jadite Restraunt Ware, so I expected to be on the prowl for a piece or two to add to my current set. I wandered around looking at all the stuff, and before I knew it, it was lunch and I had not found a thing. So, after a huge chicken salad sandwich, I took off again to hunt and find. But, I found myself looking at things like antique cradles and vintage, linen baby clothes. Hmmmm, seems I changed my focus.

I saw some great, white, gauze-like, cotton pants that I imagined wearing around the house as my belly grows, so I bought them. Then I found a wonderful 1/2 sized down filled pillow made out of vintage ticking strip fabric that I thought would make a great baby pillow. I bought it, and then decided that it would be fun to make my own, since I had some goose down at home. I found some ticking strip fabric for a great price right before it was time to go.

I was in nesting mode!!

So, in addition to my almost finished quilt, I will make a few down children's pillows. So soft and cuddly!

A pretty great day!


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