Thursday, September 25, 2003

Have had no time to post the last couple of days. This is "Birthday Frenzy" week for me, as I have a kid that turned 3 and one that turned 6, and another this weekend that turns 46! So Wednesday was birthday party day for me. Had the 3 year olds party in the morning, and the 6yo's in the afternoon. Fun, but busy and tiring day.

So here we are, with 8 kids under the age of 4 running around, playing, making cupcakes, and opening presents. Lots to do. We spent most of the time outside, but went inside to decorate cupcakes. After the last child was gone, I went into the bathroom and had to blink a few times to register what I was seeing. One of the little ones had climbed in the bathtub with muddy shoes on and ran water, then climbed out and ran around the tile floors. It was hilarious, (sort of). There was mud the tub, on the walls, on the floor. I guess they got bored with all the other fun, and came in the bathroom to play with the tub toys. Go figure!

Evening party was a breeze. Had a showing of "Bionicle Mask of Light", ordered a pizza, and had birthday cake. They had a blast too. No one from this group ended up in the bathroom.

After all the kids were given back to their respective parents, I took off for the hospital to visit a friend who had her baby early Wednesday morning. I tell you, there is nothing as sweet as a newborn baby. Soft skin, that newborn smell. She was totally gorgeous, and her mom was ever so proud and protective. No holding that baby! LOL. Mom had her in her arms the whole time and was NOT letting go anytime in the near future. I remember that well with my first baby..and the second and third too! LOL

I am in my 14 week now, and the morning sickness is still here. I managed to keep everything down yesterday, but today is a different story. Blek. I think it must be getting better, as I seem to have officially gained back the weight I lost, so any gain now will be pure gain and not just catch-up! I also seem to be really filling out in front now. I am actually wearing some maternity stuff now. Mostly stretch shorts and some transition tops.

One more September birthday to go. Daddy-O is adding on another year this weekend. Not sure how we will celebrate. Maybe a couples night out or something. But if I know my DH, he will want to be with his kids too. The Family Man for sure!!! He is most certainly one of the good guys!!


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