Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Had one sick kiddo last night. Quinn, our 3 yo, had fever and achiness. He felt so icky. But, DH had volunteered to watch the kids last night so I could go to a friends and learn how to make a quilt. So, after much guilt, decided Quinn would be fine with Daddy and off I went with my fabric.

Had a total blast, and in a little more than 2 hours had finished all of the 20 blocks of my quilt!!!We cut the fabric, ironed it, and sewed the blocks on a sewing machine. They turned out so awesome! Now all I have to do is put the blocks together, which should take less than an hour! I plan on hand quilting it, so that part will take a few weeks!! My plan is to make 3 of them before the baby for my baby, and one each for my 2 sister-in-laws who are both pregnant and due within a month of mine!

All the leaning from cutting and sewing of fabric gave me a bad upper backache. It is fine today, but it was so stiff last night. Today I have felt fair to Midland....moderate nausea, my left knees aches, and am very tired. I took a 2 hour nap with Quinn, and I am not sure who needed the nap more!! LOL The mystery fever that he had last night is gone today, but he is still a bit cranky.

Still on a high from the US yesterday. DH watched the tape, and was in awe, even with it being #4. HE stated at one point, "I can't believe you are doing this to me again!" and I said, "What, having another child?" and he said "No, having to worry through another delivery". I have had some fairly eventful deliveries.....the first a c-section due to fetal distress and chorioamnioitis, the second a VBAC that lasted 2 days and was 10cm for over 4 hours. The drama escalated with the third baby, with major fetal heart rate decelerations and a huge drop in blood pressure that signaled what they thought was a rupture of my uterus. I was prepped, and a surgery team was rushed in for an 911 stat c-section...they were wheeling me out the door when they checked me again and the baby was crowning, so I gave one push and out he came on the bed. Totally nerve wracking.

So, it has been decided, due to my past c-section and such, that it would not be wise to try a 3rd VBAC. We just can't take the chance of uterine rupture in our tiny, rural hospital. My doctor will do whatever I want, but this is his recommendation, and DH and I both agree.

Showed the video to the boys yesterday and they loved it. They laughed and laughed when the baby stretched its legs out straight and are now saying they have a skeleton baby. Names tossed around consisted of Skeletor and Bones.


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