Thursday, September 18, 2003

Today was a blah day. M/S all day long, and I was feeling very tired, hence another 2 hour nap. At this rate I will sleep through most of this pregnancy! LOL

I made a Ziti bake last night, and it was yummy at the time, but I think I ruined ziti bake for myself forever now! It is sooo hard to cook for my family when food is what I want to think about least!!! They have been surviving on sandwiches and frozen food now for weeks! Daddy-O's equivalent to cooking is opening a can of Spagetti-O's and serving it cold. Blek!

One thing I am looking forward to is tomorrow. Cravings must be setting in just a bit, because I have been thinking about Vietnamese noodle bowl! Mmmmmm. So we are heading to a place out of town that serves it. Then a bit of antique shopping.

Quinn survived his virus and is back in rare form. I call him my little angel, and he calls me his big-little mommy! This big-little title is coming to fruition as my belly grows!Glad to have him well!


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