Friday, September 19, 2003

Today some friends and I went out to lunch and did a bit of antique shopping. Had some noodle bowl and spring rolls, then off to get ice cream. The kids had a flavor called "Superman" that was blue and red. They all called it "Spiderman" ice cream instead, and to tell the truth, it DID look more like Spiderman ice cream!! LOL. I had mint chocolate chip, and payed for it later in the day.

We walked around some of the little shops, and I found a great neon clock for my kitchen, and marveled at some baby things. I am not ready to buy anything as of yet....maybe after the 20wk US things will feel much more solid to me.

The afternoon drive home was pure hell on wheels. I felt so sick. We stopped at a Sonic and I got a real lime slush, and it helped a bit, but I was never able to shake the m/s.

My in-laws came for the weekend for a visit. The kids are thrilled to death. They went to spend the night at the hotel with them and have a blast. Dad and Mom are in awe of a silent house..........................

By bedtime, my m/s, or whatever it was, was so bad I was shaking. I think I got a bit hypoglycemic. Maybe the ice cream shot my blood sugar up and then it bottomed out. I opened the fridge and grabbed a Fresca and gulped. Then got the tortilla chips and some jalapenos and munched on that! Boy am I glad the nausea went away because that combo would have been murder coming up!!! My husband commented that it looked like the cravings were kicking in! LOL.

So, with a full, burning, satisfied tummy and the nausea gone, its off to bed for a night of tossing and turning. With my other 3 boys, I craved fruit.....couldn't get enough of it. With this one, fruit makes me sick, sick sick, so I nibble a bit here and there, but that's it. I did go through a raspberry bing about 2 weeks ago, but I was sick from it for 3 days, so no more!! As I look back on the last week, it seems that jalapenos have been a consistent craving. Ouch!!! Ha cha cha cha cha!


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