Sunday, March 07, 2004

Okay, so, alright already! Can I actually GET any bigger? I have officially hit the wall with being pregnant. I was so uncomfortable and frustrated yesterday and was crying at the drop of a reason in particular, but a combination of stuff..........such as:

I found out my mother can't come for the delivery because they started the repairs on her house (the roof and front porch have been completely torn off and are being big deal), and she has to be there to supervise it all. Not to mention at my OB appointment on the 4th I was a fingertip dilated, and my doctor said that if I progress and dilate further and such at my visit on the 11th, we may have to move the c/s up to the 12th. What??!!! So I call to tell my MIL, who is coming to help with the kids, and she informs me that the closing on the sale of their house has been moved up to the 12th, and she will be moving that weekend. I informed her that the babies closing might be moved up to the 12th also. On top of THAT, I was having some wicked contractions yesterday and it is still going on this morning. I am also tearing the house apart and cleaning everything. The inside of drawers, the closets, no stone will remain un-turned today. I am just a couple days shy of being 37 weeks, so all this is coming right on schedule. I seem to go into labor a bit earlier with each baby, so if the trend continues, it will be this week or early next week. Fine with me!!

Hormones raging, my plan was to attack the house and scour it clean, but DH just called from church and wants to take a day trip to the beach with the kids. Ummm.....hello!! Have you noticed I am as big as a house????????????? Not sure a 1 1/2 hour car trip each way would be very keen at this point. Urgh! Clueless!

Whadda ya do?

UPDATE: Just got a call that the lady who watches my son, and who I was hoping could help on c/s day, will not be coming home from visiting her son for a while..........probably a couple more weeks. Wow, isn't that great? Just shoot me.


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