Saturday, February 28, 2004

Still coughing! Unreal. I still have the bronchitis! I have been using an albuterol inhaler daily now. Dr. T thinks I have asthma. It is productive in the morning, then just dry, hacking all day. The inhaler helps make it more productive, but I hate having to use it. I just don't like putting all the meds in my body. Better that than getting pneumonia though.

The baby is growing, and at my 35 week check I measured a week ahead. Her HB was fine, and she was moving all over. I had my GBS culture done, so will hear back on that next week. Hopefully it is negative. I was + for it after my first miscarriage, was treated, and have tested negative for it since then.

I also had trace glucose in my urine. That is a first. I did have lots of sweets that morning....Fruit Loops mid-morning for a snack and some Hot Tamales in the car while running errands prior to my appointment. Dr. T. just said to lay off the Fruit Loops and Hot Tamales! LOL! I go in again on March 4th.

The contractor showed up this week!!!! So, I now have some doors up on the front bedroom. He did such a beautiful job. The front bedroom opens up to the den via an archway, so he made some French doors that match the arched front door. On the other side of that room, there was a large square entry that opened up to the sun room, so he made some doors for that too. They look original to the house, and I love them! He also made some oak thresholds for all the doors where the oak floors meet the pine. Very pretty. It is so nice for that front room to have some privacy now!! I can start cleaning it up next week,and turn it into Mia's room! The contractor will finish up on Monday, then will be back the first of May to start on the sun room/playroom, which will be a big project.

Only 4 more full days and Quinn will be cast free! This will be a big relief, as he is tired of having a cast, and so am I. Bathing has been an ordeal each night, but we have a routine down now. All the rain we had last week was also a drag for him, as he could not go outside....or so we thought. Wednesday he couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to sneak out to play in a water puddle. Well, plaster and water make for a mess...add a bit of mud, and you have a really mad Mommy. I had to cut part of it off, and improvise a bit, but it is holding together, and I am hoping it continues to do so until his appointment on Wednesday. He is excited, because he will be able to ride his scooter again. I am excited for him, AND because I won't have to carry him everywhere anymore when it rains!

Bill is nesting. He has a list, and he is really cracking down on getting it finished before the baby comes. He has one more coat of trim paint to put on the back hallway and he put up some nice wood blinds in the den, living room and the boys room. Bill has also been rearranging things to make room for the baby and all her "stuff". It makes me tired just watching him. He has always been a man-in-motion, from triathlons to extreme sailing, mountain biking to dirt bikes and surfing.......getting me involved in it 100%. His enthusiasm is contagious. If something needs to be done, he does it.....I usually don't even have to ask. Clothes need washing??? Bill takes the stuff to the laundry room and gets it started for me. Floors dirty? He grabs a dust mop. If I forget something, he is sure to remember it. He rarely complains about anything and to be honest with myself, I think he pulls the majority of the load on any given day lately. Sometimes things build up and he vents....I have to laugh when I remember the last time that happened. It was in January, and I was very ill. Bill had been doing everything, and I mean everything. It came to a head one night around midnight when we heard Cody run down the hall to the bathroom, but he didn't quite make it to the toilet.......he threw up all over the floor and on the built-in cabinets in the bathroom. I got up and went to him, but I was so sick, and the thought crossed my mind that I would be in one big mess if I got the stomach flu on top of it all. So I called out to Bill and asked if he could clean it up. He jumped out of bed and said "You bet! How 'bout I lick the floors clean after!" That was his vent. Poor guy. I think he is ready to have his wife back! By no means is he perfect, but I sometimes wonder how I got so blessed to have him for a husband.

I only have 23 more days left in this pregnancy. I hope the days pass quickly. I have everything ready....I even have a hospital bag packed for Amelia. I just need to put one together for myself. Am I scared about the delivery? Yes. I have seen many a c-section, but it will be me that they are cutting on and I know all the things that can go wrong, rare as they are. But I know that God is with me and my family, and I just need to remember F.R.O.G................Fully Rely On God!


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