Tuesday, January 27, 2004

STILL coughing. If I didn't know better, I would say this was pneumonia....or TB. But, it is not...it just FEELS that way. LOL. Antibiotics are looming in the near future if this does not clear up by my next appointment on February 5th. I have had it since before Christmas, so I have certainly given it time.

I experienced my 39th birthday yesterday! Only one more year to be thirtysomthing. We actually celebrated it on Sunday, because last night was a cub scout pack meeting and a church council meeting for Bill. All my boys went shopping on Sunday, so I had a few hours to myself. They bought a chocolate truffle cake and Bill grilled some pork chops for dinner. I had requested some books etc. for my b-day, but, after dinner, the kids pushed a big box down the hall and inside was a vent-free gas fireplace insert! The plumber installed it yesterday, and now I can light a fire whenever I want! It is great. Very realistic, and it really puts out some heat! Much more than a regular log fire. It heats the living room and den!! I can remove it whenever we want a real log fire, so I can have the best of both worlds! It was a wonderfully thoughtful present, as Bill knows how much I love using the fireplace. The house I grew up in had a HUGE, stone fireplace in it and my Dad used to load it up with great big logs, and we would have the most awesome, warm fires roaring in it all winter. It is such a great memory for me, and I want to share it with my kids. But this fireplace is only half the size of the big, stone one back home, and it doesn't draft very well. So, unless the conditions are just right outside (wind etc), we get back draft and puffs of smoke into the house, and the smell does not go away very easily. So, this is a great compromise. I look forward to snuggling up to it this March with our newborn!!!

The contractor called and will not be able to get her this month. Urgh! He is hoping to be able to do it in February, but is not even sure about that. The job he is doing right now for the city had some big setbacks, so that is why the delay. I am so frustrated. I just don't want a construction zone in here when I bring the baby home! Oh well. We are all set up in our room for the baby, so we really don't need the room just yet. I was just hoping to get one more thing x'ed off the list before her arrival.

Bill painted the trim in the hall this weekend while it poured rain outside. And I mean poured. We woke up early in the morning on Saturday to a small drip, drip coming down from the bathroom cabinet near the ceiling. We went upstairs and there was a tiny leak in the roof. We put a pan under it, and will see what happens with the next rain. It is not surprising to us, as the roof is slate and was put on in 1957!! We have tons of spare shingles to patch it with, so it is not a big deal. Just one more thing to add to the "old house project" list.

Brag alert!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory,(9) made highest honors this quarter in school!!! We are so proud of him. He missed it last quarter because he got a 93 in one of his classes. 94 or above qualifies for highest honors. This quarter, most of his grades were 97 or above, with only one 94. He really loves school, and it seems to come so easy to him. He takes after his Dad for sure (he graduated in the top 3% at UTMB) and both of his grandfathers. I hope he continues to love learning. That is the most important thing to me......for him to enjoy it and WANT to learn more and more.

Quinn is in a cast again. He has corrected clubfoot, so this is something we will do on and off during growth spurts while he is young. He had an ortho appointment last week, and all is well with his foot, but the doc wanted to stretch out his Achilles because it was getting a bit tight. He will have this cast on until the 3rd, then they will put another one on for one more week. After that, we will see. He takes it all in stride, and gets around really well. The first day was rough, because it is a heavy cast, and he could not walk on it until it dried.....and I forgot the stroller. Duh. So, I had to carry him back and forth to the car all day. 2 year old + plaster cast = one heavy little dude. Whew. The 2 hour ride home from San Antonio was rough too......the cast is heavy, and they positioned his foot to give a good heal stretch, which made it ache a bit. So I had to stop about 4 times to prop it on a pillow in his car seat. The pillow kept falling, and Quinn would cry, I would stop and prop it, and so on and so on. I was REALLY glad to get him home and on the couch. I am just thankful that surgery is not looming in our future with his foot. I'll take a cast any day! His doctor is so conservative and I love him for it! He corrected Quinn's foot non-surgically through physical therapy manipulations called the French Physiotherapy Method. He has a beautiful, healthy foot thanks to Dr. Wilkins and his wonderful physical therapist!

On to week 32 of this pregnancy!! I pray that February goes by quickly!! 9 more weeks left until my due date. Only 7 more weeks and I will be at the point where I delivered Cody and Quinn! She will come when she is ready, though. I have to tell you that Patience is the theme of this pregnancy!!!!!!!!!


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