Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Had a doctors appointment yesterday and heard the HB again. That'll do! He said he can feel my uterus about midway between my pubic bone and my umbilicus. We talked about my worries, and he basically said that I could spend this whole pregnancy obsessing about the what-ifs and such, and totally miss out on the joy of being pregnant and the joy of the here and now with my 3 boys and my husband. Very true. I love my doc!!

All seems to be going well, so I had all of my prenatal blood work drawn. This was a biggie for me, as I was putting it off until 12 weeks, and I MADE IT!!!!

I told Dr. T about some abdominal pain I had this weekend.....it almost felt like really, really bad ovulation pain. My abdomen was a bit sore yesterday from it. So, he wants me to have an US this morning at 10:30 just to make sure all is well. I get so nervous before the US appointments. Urgh.

My youngest, Quinn (3yo on Saturday) came in to our room and climbed in bed around 2a.m. last night. He snuggled down next to us, and I didn't have the heart to take him back to his bed. When he awoke this morning, he was so happy to wake up in "Mommy's bed" (Daddy wonders why it isn't "Daddy's bed"). He said "Its a sunny day!" and gave me a huge hug. We always co-sleep with our babies, so this should be interesting when the new baby comes........we have a full sized bed right now. Time for a bigger bed!!!


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