Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Still here. Not much new to report. The ctx calmed down on Monday and Tuesday, and kicked back in today. They are about the same, but not regular in the least.

I am having trouble sleeping. I wake up very restless....sort of a hyper feeling...and can't get back to sleep for several hours. I tried a bit of Sprite last night, and it seemed to have helped, so I was thinking I might be getting a bit hypoglycemic in the least that is how it feels. I have been having cereal for dinner (anything else gives me painful heartburn at night), and I think it is just too much carbs and not enough protein. Will try something different tonight and see what happens. I really could use some restful sleep.

My doc will be back Friday morning, so I only have to hang tight for one more day! Have been drinking plenty of fluids, and resting. Tomorrow I will take the kids to our little zoo for the morning and do some last minute, LIGHT, shopping.

Only 4 more days, 12 hours until Mia is here!!!


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