Friday, March 19, 2004

Had a VERY eventful night of contractions. They were so strong, painful and made me feel a bit sick. I got the shakes and that hyper-excited feeling that I have had with the other three kids. I was up most of the night, but they slacked off around 9 this morning. Still having them frequently, but not as intense as last night. We had gone to the little zoo south of here yesterday, so I was up walking most of the day with the 3 boys, so that could have prompted it. Ugh! I wish the ctx would quit teasing me like that!!

Also, my doctor is back in town! I am so happy about that. My MIL will be here Sunday morning to help with the kids. Seems everything is falling into place, and all the worry and obsessing were, once again, non-productive and for nothing.

Only 2 more days!! It all seems so surreal right now.


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